Responding to Community Inquiry Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

Many people in the community have reached out to the Cameron Senior Center requesting information regarding the availability of the Covid-19 Vaccine for Seniors. Currently, there is no (detailed) information to relay, but people are working on it. The registrars at the front desk of the Cameron Center are taking names and contact information SOLELY for the purpose of relaying information, when and if that information might become available. If you would like to place your name on a spreadsheet so that you will be contacted when and if vaccine clinics become available, please call the Cameron Center at: (978)692-5523
We are dedicated to do all that we can to keep our Center participants informed during these unprecedented times.

Extracted from the following link: (1/25/2021)

Here is some new information from Westford’s Health Department, which keeps a close watch on what is happening: (extracted 1/25/2021)

Here is some information from the State, (extracted 1/25/2021):

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