Ways to Make Assisted Living More Affordable – 3 Virtual Sessions on Thursday, April 29th!

Arm Yourself With the Facts About Assisted Living

Stress, time constraints and a lack of accessible information can make researching assisted living communities a challenge for families, including many of your own clients. This presentation will give you a better understanding of how assisted living fits into the continuum of care, how pricing is structured and how most people pay for their stay. You will:

  • Discover what Assisted Living can and cannot do for residents
  • Understand pricing structures and costs so you can accurately compare communities
  • Learn about programs that can help make a move to assisted living more affordable
  • Know the right questions to ask so you can make the most informed decision for you or your clients

 3 opportunities to participate on Thursday, April 29th

Register online for the zoom sessions at: 3 Ways to Make Assisted Living Affordable (seniorlivingresidences.com)

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