COVID-19 Update – How to Navigate the Mass.Gov Vaccination Appointment Process

Here is an announcement that was recently posted on the Town of Westford website. This provides educational information that will assist you with the sign up process. Please visit this link to learn more: The article also says that if you are still in need of help after watching the referenced video, please reachContinue reading “COVID-19 Update – How to Navigate the Mass.Gov Vaccination Appointment Process”

Responding to Community Inquiry Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

Many people in the community have reached out to the Cameron Senior Center requesting information regarding the availability of the Covid-19 Vaccine for Seniors. Currently, there is no (detailed) information to relay, but people are working on it. The registrars at the front desk of the Cameron Center are taking names and contact information SOLELYContinue reading “Responding to Community Inquiry Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Availability”

Cummings Grant Awarded in 2015

Joel Swets, Executive Director of the Cummings Foundation presented the $100,000 funding award to Alison Christopher and Richard Severyn, President of the Friends of the Cameron Senior Center back in 2015! This funding was used to expand the Nutrition/Wellness and Transportation programs as well as assist in outreach efforts to those experiencing financial hardships. ForContinue reading “Cummings Grant Awarded in 2015”