Be aware! Senior “Circuit Breaker” Real Estate Tax Credit for 2020!

As a senior citizen, you may be eligible to claim a refundable credit on your personal state income tax return. The “Circuit Breaker” tax credit is based on the actual real estate taxes paid on the Massachusetts residential property you own or rent and occupy as your principal residence. The maximum credit amount for taxContinue reading “Be aware! Senior “Circuit Breaker” Real Estate Tax Credit for 2020!”

Resources for Covid Vaccine Appointments

Getting an appointment for a Covid Vaccine appointment can be hard! Below are a list of some resources to set up appointments. This list is NOT comprehensive, but intended to be helpful. We will add to it as we know more… COVID-19 Vaccine Availability | Official Commonwealth of MA site to find available appointmentsContinue reading “Resources for Covid Vaccine Appointments”

Friends of the Cameron Senior Center Launch Website

Welcome to the new Friends of the Cameron Senior Center website! We support the exciting programs and activities available to our active and vibrant Senior community through the Cameron Senior Center: everything from A to Z! Art programs to Zumba classes! And everything in between! In these unprecedented times, we need to be even moreContinue reading “Friends of the Cameron Senior Center Launch Website”