Emergency Broadband Internet Benefit

On May 12, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launched its new Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program to help families and households who are struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. Eligible households are be able to; Enroll in the Program to receive a monthly discount off the cost of broadband service from an approved internetContinue reading “Emergency Broadband Internet Benefit”

Be aware! Senior “Circuit Breaker” Real Estate Tax Credit for 2020!

As a senior citizen, you may be eligible to claim a refundable credit on your personal state income tax return. The “Circuit Breaker” tax credit is based on the actual real estate taxes paid on the Massachusetts residential property you own or rent and occupy as your principal residence. The maximum credit amount for taxContinue reading “Be aware! Senior “Circuit Breaker” Real Estate Tax Credit for 2020!”