The Friends of Cameron Senior Center puts your generous donations to work! Some of the impacts are itemized here:

  • Underwriting the costs of fitness & exercise classes, so that Westford seniors can attend free-of-charge
  • Sponsoring social activities such as: summer parties, holiday & seasonal lunches, monthly congregate breakfasts, ‘lunch & learn’ and/or evening programs and other special events
  • Assisting qualified seniors with emergency financial assistance for food, housing, utilities, medical services or transportation
  • Providing some office supplies to supplement the Cameron Senior Center and its programs, such as:  a microwave oven, coffee makers, storage shelving units, furniture, recreational equipment, and other needed items
  • Providing craft supplies to support creative programming provided at the center
  • Organizing fundraising events and activities, such as craft fairs, an art auction, bake sale, and themed or seasonal events, etc.
  • Managing the Cameron thrift shop, Trudy’s Boutique is in full operation! Come on buy!
  • Sponsorship of website hosting
  • Volunteering — Your precious time in helping with brainstorming ideas, website concepts and design, technical solutions, collaborations – your volunteer time is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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